Quality Management

Total Quality Control

As we all know, sourcing long distance can be a nightmare. You sometimes don’t know there is any problem until the goods arrive at your facility thousands of kilometres away and by that time you’re late with your deliveries and have a nightmare conducting quality claims with the supplier. We are able to manage full quality control for highly sophisticated engineered parts from IQC to PQC at the suppliers side all the way through to OQC before the shipment leaves China.

Quality Management

To ensure the ongoing quality of your parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies we monitor all tooling on your behalf and have detail records of all production orders so we can spot problems developing long before they actually occur and become a large problem.

Total Quality Management

Peace of Mind


Stable Quality


Process Conformity

Engineering Quality Control

Detailed Reporting

We have extremely detailed reporting and SOP Processes to support our Quality Management. This ensures that you have a very clear feeling and understanding of the findings during our inspection and the work we are doing. We also ensure to have very detailed IP’s and Control Plans in place to make sure our people full understand your requirements.

Engineering Service

Unlike many companies we mainly specialise in Engineering Components and systems. Everything from Gears and Structural Components all the way through to Electronic Systems and components.

Statistical Analysis

We offer a full service with our Quality Management were we will also help you deal with the quality issues as they arise rather than simply informing you of the reject. We work together with the supplier and client to solve the problem to ensure the client can receive their goods.