We have a full range of Lighting Solutions which mainly cover LED Lighting. We are able to offer solutions for:

  • Commercial Lighting (T8’s, T10’s, Down lights etc.)
  • Residential Lighting (Standard Bulbs, Filament Lights etc.)
  • Outdoor Lighting (Spot Lights, Street Lighting, Exterior Lights etc.)
  • Special Use (Grow Lights)

We are also able to supply AC COB LED’s, DC LED’s and Filament Lights for any purpose or use. We also have the in house capability of developing lighting according to your needs.

Safety Equipment

We are currently working with several government organisations in Europe to develop and supply safety equipment:

  • Foldable Safety Ladders
  • Signalling Equipment
  • Communication Equipment

Most of these products are either off the shelf and modified or custom design for the specific requirements of the customer.

Consumer Items

Several of our clients are retailers looking for either new lines, add-on items, expand their existing range or looking for cost down on their current products:

  • Promotional Items
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Retail Items

Engineered Solutions

We supply parts and finished products to many highly technical products and systems that our clients need:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Medical Applications
  • Marine┬áSystems

All of our Engineering projects are conducted in the same way as our other projects, to the strictest requirements with thorough testing to ensure compliance.