Product Realisation

Bremise Solutions offers a full Product Realisation Service that utilises our experience to take your headaches away and get the part or product you want.

Turnkey Solution

At Bremise Solutions we offer a Turnkey Product Realisation Service which takes you from nothing all the way through to Mass Production. Sometimes dealing with Suppliers from different countries can be difficult due to misunderstandings, however due to our combined experience in China we can ensure you get the part you want, when you want and to budget. Our solutions consists of 7 basic steps that can be mixed, matches and added to based on your requirements. We are also happy to step in on projects that you are possibly midway through and take the project to completion.

After the project has reached the mass production phase we don’t just leave you, we are able to offer ongoing Quality Management and Product Management to stop any problems you might have getting through and to help with any upgrades or changes that might happen in the future.

Design & Drawings

At Bremise we work with clients to ensure their designs and drawings fit with the manufacturing processes that are possible. We also ensure the designs are optimised for mass production to there won’t be any increased unforeseen part cost as a result of the design.


Once the first iteration of the design is agreed upon the next step would be to develop prototypes of the design to check the overall fit, function and aesthetics of the part and make sure its what the clients wants.

Opening Tooling

After going around the prototyping stage and settling upon a design the next stage would be to open tooling for the production of the part. Bremise Solutions has a vast network of suppliers in China ranging from CNC to Sheet Metal and Plastics as well as more complex parts such as motors and PCB’s.

Sample Verification

Once the samples are produced Bremise will verify the samples according to the IP established between Bremise and the client. We will also do an assembly test as well as Final Function Testing and Life Cycle testing if required.

Pilot Run

Once the samples are verified and released a Pilot Run will be conducted. Bremise will normally be on site for this to assist the supplier in the production of the Pilot Run, modify Work Instructions as and when required as well as make sure the clients requirements are maintained and adhered to. At Bremise we are able to conduct full IQC, IPQC and OQC on the parts.

Mass Production

Upon successful completion of the pilot run we can work on any Corrective and Preventative Action that might be required and after the goods have been checked at the customers end move into mass product. As with the Pilot Run, if the client requires and we feel it is necessary we can maintain a presence at the supplier and conduct IQC, IPQC and OQC.

Quality Control

We know from our experience unless production is monitored on a regular or semi regular basis things can begin to stray. So at Bremise can be the clients eyes at the supplier make sure client is getting the products they expect.

Partnership Solution

At Bremise Solutions we don’t act like standard Quality Control companies or Translation Agencies, we take our time to understand the full scope and use of the clients product to ensure we are fully involved and totally understand the clients requirements. This enables us to work more quickly to solve problems and improve processes rather than checking back and forth for small unnecessary issues.