1. Request for Quotation

For standard projects we normally work off an RFQ with drawings, material properties, client requirements and specifications. From this we can extrapolate the information we need in order to give you a detailed proposal


2. Quotation

After you RFQ has been proceeded you will receive a formal quotation with either a full breakdown by section of the manufacturing of your product or an overall cost for the final product you require.


3. Setup

After the Quotation has been approved, thats when we really get to work. We will open tooling, work on the production process, get the packaging designed and take care of everything according to your exact requirements.

4. Confirmation

Normally while going through the setup process or towards the end we will need to double check certain details with the client. We normally do this following the Automotive DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) system to make sure all bases are covered and there are no unexpected surprises.


5. Golden Sample

Once we have finished everything and all the tools are opened and optimised we will conduct a short production run and produce several ‘Golden Samples’ for both the client and ourselves to keep on file so we are on the same page regarding the expected quality of the mass produced product.

6. Mass Production

Simply issue an order to us with a finish date that is greater than the pre-agreed lead-time and we will take care of the rest. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your product to arrive.

7. Shipping and Logistics

Once your product is complete we will ensure it is packed and shipped out correctly and gets to you in time. We are only 40km away from the port in Shanghai and have great relationships with our Freight Forwarders so we can load your goods and they will arrive to you as expected and in pristine condition.