LEAN Six Sigma Consulting

Automation Solutions

At Bremise Solutions we are able to develop and create intelligent Automated Solutions for your Manufacturing and Quality Inspection Processes. All our equipment is made to be the most efficient cost effective solution possible.

Quality Improvement

Through our extensive experience in LEAN and Six Sigma we are able to use this to improve your production system to reduce defects both in your facility as well as at your customers end.

Faster Production

Through our process of eliminating waste we have been able to greatly increase the speed of production at our clients facilities without any real increase in overheads. We have also found that normally clients can get a return on their investment within 1 year.


Cost Savings

Through the improvements in quality and speed we are able to decrease your overheads which brings down your manufacturing costs making you more competitive and giving you more capacity to fulfil new projects.

We have found that on average we can hit the following targets for our consultancy projects. Projects can take anywhere between 1 week and 6 months to complete depending on the size of the company and the current state of the processes.

  • Production Defect Rate 0.5%
  • Speed Increase 20%
  • Cost Savings 35%

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