About Bremise Solutions

Bremise Solutions was founded in 2016 in Shanghai with a Representative Office also in Germany. Bremise was founded as a Product Realisation and Manufacturing Consultancy.

Our Product Realisation enables clients to choose from a range of services to help bring their product from an idea all the way through to mass production. We can manage everything from the Drawings, Prototyping, Tooling, Samples, Pilot Run and finally through to Mass Production and ongoing Quality Control. We act as the clients representative in China for their project ensuring there is no miss communication and you get exactly what you want when you want it. Clients can also choose from the services mentioned above if they don’t need everything or are half way through a project and would like Bremise Solutions to step in.

The Manufacturing Consultancy is a Consultancy Service that worked on bringing your facility in China into the modern age and beyond in terms of processes and manufacturing method. We use LEAN Methodology as well other systems we have developed to increase to productivity, decrease takt time, decrease lead-time and decrease defects. Based on work we have done for previous clients we have found we can:

  • Increase Productivity from between 45% and 125%
  • Decrease Cycle Time from between 25% and 75%
  • Decrease Lead-Time from between 20% and 70%
  • Decrease Defects from between 15% and +80%

For further information on our Consultancy please feel free to download our one page overview.

Consultancy Overview